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Derma Roller

Collagen Induction Therapy (Mirco-Needling)


When it comes to minimally invasive treatments, Micro-needling Collagen Induction therapy with the Dermaroller® is clinically proven and is perhaps the most successful treatment available for the common signs and symptoms of aging such as wrinkles, loss of skin volume, and crepey skin. The Dermaroller® micro-needling treatment even targets the epidermis in such a way that it is clinically proven to minimize scars and stretch marks. Dermaroller® therapy triggers the body’s spontaneous healing process, stimulating cell proliferation and causing the formation of new collagen. This results in a thicker, more supple, cellular matrix. Results: visibly younger-looking skin.

PROOF: The image shows a biopsy of the epidermis before and after micro-needling therapy. Significant new collagen (died purple) has been generated, 6 weeks after a single treatment.

How It Works

The Dermaroller® causes minimally invasive precision micro-injuries of the epidermis and dermis, without causing open wounds or ablative damage. The puncturing channels close after a short time and these micro-injuries trigger the body’s wound healing cascade, which induces increased collagen production in the treated skin. Dermaroller® triggers the construction of new tissue by stimulating healthy cell regeneration in precision-targeted areas that show the signs of aging. It effectively reduces wrinkles, tightens and thickens the skin, and – perhaps most impressively – fills and smooths scars.

1. Treatment


Dermaroller®’s surgical-grade micro-needles reach beyond the epidermis into the dermis, causing pinpoint bleeding and triggering the body’s spontaneous healing response.

2. Healing Cascade


Within minutes, the perforation channels close and the healing cascade starts, invading the area with collagen-producing fibroblasts and growth-promoting properties.

3. Younger Looking Skin


New organized collagen & elastin form, bolstering from within, while the epidermis becomes thicker and more supple, each time a treatment is performed.

Micro-blading, also known as micro-stroking or feathered eyebrows, is an advanced brow embroidery technique to create a fuller, but natural eyebrow. It is considered to be semi-permanent, as compared to the traditional hair stroke techniques done with a machine. It is done using a very fine blade to deposit pigments into the dermis.


IPL Photofacials

Laser skin rejuvenation can reduce sun damage, hyperpigmentation, brown spots, rosacea, wrinkles, spider veins, and broken capillaries. Flashes of pulsed light reduce the effects of skin aging. This treatment stimulates collagen production, modifies connective tissue, tightens dilated pores, improves skin elasticity, and reduces wrinkles.



Microdermabrasion will smooth, even out, brighten and improve skin tone and texture. It is beneficial for all skin types from oily to aged skin.

This micro-controlled peeling system gradually abrades epidermal cells to treat a vast range of skin imperfections with immediately visible results.



Laser Hair Removal ​

Let’s face it – excess body hair can be unsightly and embarrassing. Shaving, plucking, waxing, and depilatory creams provide temporary fixes, but beyond being inconvenient, messy, and having the potential to cause irritation, they’re only temporary. Unwanted hair is a problem shared by both men and women. The condition can be caused by genetics, race, puberty, and old age. Some women experience additional hair growth during pregnancy or menopause. 

Hair does not come in any one size or type. Follicles in different parts of the body produce various types of hair. Hair can grow in thick, bushy patches or in long thin strands. In addition, hair is produced in follicles that can be found at different depths and densities: as close to the skin’s surface as one millimeter or as deep as five millimeters. Until recently, this great variety in hair types and body locations made long-lasting hair removal a significant challenge. 

At Pampers we are pleased to offer laser hair removal treatment with the latest Mistral laser. The Mistral laser is FDA approved for the permanent reduction of unwanted hair. This technology can be used to treat unwanted hair on all skin types, including dark-skinned individuals such as those of Hispanic or Asian descent.


Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage is a relaxing way of reducing tension, muscle stiffness, and pain.  Disinfected, water-heated stones are placed on the body at specific points, promoting a deeper muscle relaxation in your body.  Our massage therapist combines a massage with the hot stone protocol to create a very relaxing and effective treatment.  This is an ancient form of healing that is both beneficial and very relaxing.



  • Relief of arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, and other chronic pain conditions.
  • Reduces pain and muscle spasms
  • Decreases stress and tension held in the body
  • Improves flexibility
  • Promote overall Relaxation
  • Lessen Anxiety and Stress
  • Improve Sleep Quality
Teeth Whitening
Teeth Whitening is the most requested procedure in cosmetic dentistry. Whitening can take away stains caused by smoking, coffee/tea or juice, and artificially colored foods. Whitening can even lighten the grey or yellow stains caused by tetracycline stains.
Body Contouring and Cellulite Reduction

With early signs of aging, when the skin's firmness and tone begin to diminish and lose resilience, subtle improvements can be achieved with non-invasive treatments such as lasers and dermal fillers. However, there will come a time when moderate skin laxity will require a more powerful solution. This is where Tripolar Regen XL comes in, using innovative radiofrequency energy to smooth, firm, and tighten loose skin all over the body.

t effectively reshapes and tightens areas of the face and body including the:

  • Neck

  • Chin

  • Jawline

  • Abdomen

  • Thighs

  • Back

  • Flanks

  • Upper arms









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